I’m Shannon Ryan, a freelance designer in Washington, D.C. 

Made with Relish is inspired by a quote from Benjamin Franklin: “What one relishes, nourishes.” I believe in doing something you love and doing it with enthusiasm.

I took a roundabout route to find design, first detouring to get a degree in international relations at Cornell, studying in Kenya, and working as an environmental advocate. Over time, I realized my passion lies with design, but my range of experience has influenced my perspective and served me well in designing for non-profits.

I was formerly the Art Director at Burness and the Senior Designer at the Center for American Progress. Now I’m on my own.

If you have a project, I’d love to hear about it. Please get in touch.

Beyond design, these are a few of my favorite things: city buses + Carl Sagan + Arnold Palmers + Josh Ritter + giant squid + furniture refinishing and home decoration projects + wild salmon + honey + reading, especially fiction + the asteroid Ida and its tiny moon Dactyl + whale watching + kati rolls.