The Africa Land Advisory Group

Unlocking the Potential of Land in Africa

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Behold the rejected concepts! It was fun to develop these even though they got the axe.
Left: This concept was based parcels of land. The word blocks could be moved around to make vertical, horizontal, and rectangular versions of the logo.
Center: The Group's academic approach to dealing with land issues is the focal point of this concept. It's a play on a university crest, with layers of urban and rural land designed in a mudcloth motif.
Right: This "earth-from-above" concept highlights the shapes of land when seen from an aerial point-of-view, whether it's parcels of agricultural land or an urban street grid.‍

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Project Description

The Africa Land Advisory Group assists political leaders in unlocking the potential of land to achieve sustainable development. We were charged with designing a logo and visual identity for the new organization. In researching land use in Africa, I was drawn to photos of mines that show the layers of rock. This logo is meant to be representative of both those layers and the layered approach the Group takes to resolving land issues.