Social Media Images

Speaking to Your Audiences

Social media is one of the most common ways organizations reach their audiences. For almost every project I work on, there is a social component. I’ve gathered up a few images below.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

I produced this series of graphics for the Minneapolis Fed’s Strong Foundations conference. They were used on social media in the lead up to conference and to support related panels during the conference. They were also printed as posters.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

This short social video tells the story of how the benefits of social–emotional learning stay with young people throughout their lives.

This was produced as both a video and an animated gif.

Health + Tech @ SXSW

This series of gifs was created to promote a panel at SXSW on health and technology. This one show how the games on our phones can actually get us up and moving.
This gif highlights that meal kits, which are mailed to homes with all of the ingredients for a balanced meal, can encourage healthy eating.
This gif shows the technologies that change the color of light coming from computer screens over the course of the day, which allows people to sleep more easily at night.

Rights and Resources Initiative

These images were used on social media as part of a 15-day countdown to a land rights conference in Interlaken, Switzerland. The goal was to get people to tune in the event’s webcasts.